Pre-Action Warning Notice


Policy on Counterfeit and Illegitimate Henbrandt goods

In response to an increase in reports of counterfeit Henbrandt products being sold online and the associated safety concerns, we are updating our policy on the sale of Henbrandt products online, and the actions we will take to enforce it.
Effective 21/08/2018, we will begin taking action to manage our product range on Amazon, eBay and other online marketplaces. In particular, we will police products sold under the Henbrandt brand, or listed using Henbrandt artwork, barcodes or product codes. Where we find individuals or businesses selling illegitimate products, we will take action through all channels available to us. Potential consequences include:

  • Infringement and safety reports to Amazon, which may result in the loss of selling privileges
  • Loss of online access, credit or buying privileges
  • Complaints to the relevant product safety authority and/or customs
  • Fines and penalties
  • Legal action

In addition, we will begin to repair Henbrandt listings which have been branded by a third party, and will seek to remove any incorrectly placed infringements against sellers who are selling legitimate products. We will use the following criteria to determine if a listing should be Henbrandt branded:

  • Does the listing feature the Henbrandt brand, logo, or artwork?
  • Does the listing feature Henbrandt barcodes?
  • Does the listing feature Henbrandt photography, as available on the website or through any form of photo-quote.

We appreciate that the above may be a cause for concern to some of our customers, but we consider it the only way to protect retail customers from the consequences of low-quality, untested and unsafe stock, and to protect our customers who are selling legitimate products.
To those who are selling illegitimate products using our brand, please consider this your notice to cease doing so. 
In summary, it is our intent to protect the Henbrandt brand, protect our ultimate end users and protect those customers legitimately selling our product.