Mix & Match



We're pleased to announce that our multi-carton prices are now available as mix & match across multi-carton products in the same range. This means you can purchase 5 (or 10) different products in a range like Inflatables, and pay the multi-carton price as though you'd bought 5 (or 10) cartons of the same item.

Products eligible for mix & match will show a banner on the category and product pages, as seen below. 

Mix & Match Demo 1

Adding 5 or 10 cartons (in any combination) of products in a single group to your basket will trigger the discounted prices shown. Regardless of whether you buy one or more cartons of each line, as long as the total number of cartons in your basket is 5+/10+ you will receive the discounted price automatically. 

A demo of the basket with two products in it

Products across different groups (for instance, flags and inflatables) will not contribute to each others totals for discount purposes.